Success Story: Former Employee Finds Justice

pregnant“Susan” had worked for the same company in the Rio Grande Valley for more than two years before she was fired unexpectedly. But what shocked her more than being laid off was the reason why she was being let go. Susan was accused of using bad language in the workplace and sexually harassing a fellow employee –charges she denied. When she refused to sign a statement admitting to the allegations, she was fired.

Susan was confused. Not only was she sure of her innocence, but she had a suspicion that the real reason she was fired was because she was pregnant. Her supervisors had mentioned, on more than one occasion, that her “condition” impacted her ability to do her work.

Not knowing what to do, Susan called Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help.

TRLA knew that her case would be difficult. Discrimination cases based on pregnancy are hard to win. But, sure enough, TRLA sued Susan’s former employer and even managed to secure a jury trial.

The trial lasted less than two days. In two days TRLA presented its case showing that the accusations against Susan were false and merely an excuse to fire her because she was pregnant. Her former employer, seeing the evidence against him, settled the lawsuit before TRLA had even finished its case.

Because they are so difficult to prove and win, attorneys don’t often take cases like Susan’s. But TRLA did and the effort proved worthwhile – Susan found justice.


One thought on “Success Story: Former Employee Finds Justice

  1. Congratulations to Susan and TRLA attorneys. It really is difficult to stand up for what is right. It takes an investment of time on behalf of that one individual. I hope this case serves employers of the Rio Grande Valley as a learning experience. Lately, it seems, supervisors are behaving unprofessionally and unethically and can easily overstep with unfounded accusations. I applaud all those who stand up for themselves when they know they are being discriminated against. Thank you TRLA for keeping these employers on their toes!

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