Bee County Public Defender Program Opens To Help The Poor

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) has opened a new public defender program to help the residents of Bee, Live Oak, and McMullen counties with their criminal defense needs.

The program officially began operations in early April and is temporarily housed at TRLA’s Sinton branch office. Headed by veteran TRLA attorney Sita Stone, the program will provide free legal services to low-income clients facing criminal charges.

TRLA already provides low-income residents with free legal services regarding civil legal matters such as child custody, divorce, housing, and employment.

According to TRLA Executive Director David Hall, “Money shouldn’t be required to have justice. By opening this new program, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid is going to ensure that local residents have access to the best attorneys, regardless of their income.”

The new public defender program is funded with the support of the Bee County Commissioner’s Court and the Texas Task Force on Indigent Defense. TRLA estimates that it will help more than 1500 low-income clients with their criminal matters every year in Bee County alone. The program is the third public defender office opened by TRLA in the last four years.

Added Hall, “In these tough economic times, there is nothing more important than ensuring legal rights for the poor. With the support of Bee County, TRLA is going to ensure that low-income Texans continue to have access to justice.”


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