Success Story: Mother Reunited with Abducted Daughter

Even though they were no longer a couple and he was now living in Mexico, “Veronica” wanted her daughter, “Cati” to have a relationship with Cati’s father, “Jose.” So Veronica decided to travel to Jose’s new home and let her daughter spend time with her father and his family.

While they were in Mexico a family emergency developed in the United States and Veronica had to return. But, when she went to the bus station to begin her trip back to Texas, Jose refused to let Cati out of his arms so that she could board the bus with her mother.

Veronica had no choice – she had to go home. Jose agreed that she could return in a few weeks to pick up the child. After all, he just wanted to spend a few more weeks with his daughter.

But, a month later, when Veronica told Jose that she was going back to Mexico to get her daughter, Jose told her that if she came to Mexico she would be arrested.

Not knowing what to do, Veronica turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA spent months working with the court system and officials in both the United States and Mexico to bring Cati home. It was not difficult to locate her – a convenience not often seen in these types of cases. Veronica knew where Jose and Cati were living and how to get in touch with them. TRLA definitely had an advantage in this case that is not often seen in international abductions.

Sure enough, six months after Jose refused to let Cati come back to the United States, TRLA was successful in getting the courts to give Veronica custody of the young girl and the two were reunited at their home in Austin, Texas.


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