Success Story: Protecting Her Child

“Sarah” was in love. She was sure that “Juan” was the most handsome and wonderful man she had ever met in her life. It wasn’t long after they met that the two got married and had a son. Sarah thought life was perfect.

mother sonBut shortly after the birth of their son, Sarah started to notice that some items in their house would go missing. She also began to suspect that Juan was on drugs and selling household items to pay for his bad habit. Then the abuse started. Sarah knew it was time to take her son and move out. She wanted a divorce.

Shortly after Sarah moved out, Juan found himself in some legal trouble. As a result, he was required to go to a drug rehabilitation program. But Juan never completed the program and managed to find Sarah and their son living at her mother’s house.

That’s when the stalking started. Juan lived in his car and would follow Sarah when she left to work and run errands.
When she was driving, Juan was never far behind and tried to run her off the road several times. At one point, Juan cornered Sarah and their son in a grocery store and chased the child up and down the aisles while calling Sarah derogatory names.

Sarah was afraid and concerned for her son’s safety. Not knowing what to do, she turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA worked with Sarah to develop a safety plan and file a protective order that would keep Juan away from the family. But TRLA went one step further as well. Sarah’s attorneys worked with her to put together the evidence needed to show that Juan had been stalking and intimidating her. Shortly thereafter, Juan was indicted on stalking charges.

Sarah is currently getting the emotional support both she and her son need to move on with their lives. TRLA
is continuing to work with her to obtain a divorce and ensure that both she and her son remain safe in their new home.


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