Success Story: Healthy Living

“Martin” didn’t live in the best neighborhood and he certainly didn’t have the best landlord. But Martin didn’t have a lot of money so he was limited in his options as to where to live. That was okay though – Martin was just happy that he was getting the help he needed.

But one day Martin noticed a leak in his roof during a very bad storm. He reported it to the landlord, but the landlord did not do anything. As the rain got worse, so did the leak. Eventually Martin noticed that mold started growing in his living room.

Before he knew it, he was having health problems and had to take a few trips to the doctor.

Martin kept reminding his landlord that his apartment needed to be fixed. But nothing happened. And as nothing happened, Martin’s health only got worse.

Not knowing what to do, Martin turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA worked with Martin to assert his rights to suitable and healthy living conditions. TRLA helped him record his complaints to the landlord and his health conditions.When the landlord still refused to fix the problem, TRLA helped Martin get out of his lease and find suitable housing in another apartment complex.

Since moving, Martin’s health has improved considerably and he thanks TRLA for helping find safe, affordable housing on his budget.


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