Marking 40 Years of Service

The end of 2009 comes with many milestones for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA). Not only are we celebrating having helped another 20,000 low-income Texans with their legal issues, but TRLA is marking forty years of helping the poor find justice in the legal system.

From our early days in 1970 to today, TRLA has seen the faces of thousands of domestic violence victims who need our help to save their lives. We have helped thousands of residents with landlords who refuse to fix severely damaged homes, are at risk of being homeless, or are facing foreclosure.We have seen hundreds of parents struggling to find their children who have been taken across international borders, helped countless children subjected to abuse in federal detention centers, and empowered farmworkers to stand up against abusive employers.
As we celebrate forty years of service, we once again start planning for the future.

In 2008, TRLA had to turn away one third of the people who contacted us needing legal help due to our limited legal resources. When 2009 is over, that number will likely be even higher. In a tough economy, the demand on us is far greater than we can meet. The work is never-ending, but our commitment is unwavering.

That’s why you – our supporters – have become so critical to carrying on our mission.

Whether you have donated your time, money, or good wishes, your support is critical to our ability to help those facing life and death situations.

As we end this year and proceed into another, we ask that you continue to stand with us in our fight for low-income Texans. Together we will reaffirm our commitment to help the poor seek justice in our legal system.


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