SMLS Attorney Named Public Service Attorney of the Year

TRLA Attorney Doug Stevick

The Tennessee Bar Association has recognized Southern Migrant Legal Services (SMLS) attorney Doug Stevick as the recipient of the Ashley T. Wiltshire Public Service Attorney of the Year award due to his dedication to working for the poor.

Stevick, the branch manager of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA)’s SMLS office in Nashville, began his journey with TRLA while still in law school. In 2001, after a short time as a corporate lawyer, he moved to Nashville to run TRLA’s new office where he has served as a lawyer for seasonal farmworkers.

“Doug’s commitment to our mission and helping farmworkers fight against injustice makes him the ideal recipient for this award,” said TRLA Executive Director David Hall.

As the branch manager of the SMLS office, Stevick works with five attorneys and hundreds of clients everyday on issues related to the treatment and employment of farmworkers including atrocious housing conditions, failure to pay adequate wages, reimbursements, and overtime.

Added Hall, “His work makes a difference everyday. There isn’t anyone who can value Doug’s efforts more than the worker who has been taken for granted.”


One thought on “SMLS Attorney Named Public Service Attorney of the Year

  1. I had the great privilege of supervising (and living with) Doug the summer after his first year in law school, in the Plainview TRLA office. Doug’s brilliance, his fierce work ethic, and his plain enthusiasm for representing farm workers was an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations Doug!

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