‘Hire Yourself’ Aims to Help Development of Small Businesses

Hire YourselfThe Legal Assistance to Microenterprises Project (LAMP), a project of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA), has released a new guide aimed at helping ex-offenders start a small business. “Hire Yourself” provides legal advice for those re-entering society and getting their life back on track.

Released in late 2009 the guide includes an explanation of a person’s rights as someone with a criminal record and provides a clear outline for the steps needed to plan and start a business.

“Ex-offenders often encounter a wide range of legal issues when they re-enter society and little guidance is given to them,” said TRLA attorney and Austin branch manager D’Ann Johnson. “This guide is a small step towards helping them get the support they need.”

Even if ex-offenders are not interested in starting their own business the guide also provides useful information on getting identification documents, knowing where to look for a job, and being financially literate. It also contains helpful tips for dealing with the stigma of being a person with a criminal record.

Added Johnson, “It’s important that we help people trying to be good members of society. Starting a business can be the first step towards giving back to a community.”

The entire guide can be downloaded from the LAMP website at http://lamp.texascbar.org.


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