Success Story: Helping Her Grandkids

In her late seventies, “Martha” suddenly found herself taking care of two young children – her grandchildren. After her daughter passed away due to an unfortunate illness, Martha felt the obligation to step into the mother role for her grandchildren and took her responsibility seriously. She did not know who the children’s father was, but she was determined to give her grandchildren the life they deserved.

But Martha ran into an unexpected problem when trying to secure her grandchildren’s education. She needed to have them transfer to the school closest to her home, but the school she was trying to enroll them in refused to allow them to attend by claiming that only the children’s legal guardian could make such a decision. They wanted Martha to prove she had legal guardianship over her two grandchildren before they could change schools.

Not knowing what to do, Martha turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA informed Martha of her legal rights in this situation and worked with both her and school officials to further the best interests of the children. TRLA also provided Martha with the support and legal tools necessary to ensure that she would not have any problems raising her two grandchildren from then on.

Today Martha and her grandchildren are happily continuing their lives together. Since coming to TRLA, the children have transferred to their new school and Martha has not faced any additional legal problems in their upbringing.


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