Success Story: Facing Foreclosure

ForeclosureAnita had a happy life; she had a wonderful husband, two great kids, and a home to call her own.

But in the middle of the country’s economic troubles, Anita’s husband lost his job. Several weeks later, her hours at work were reduced in a company effort to save money. Paying for basic necessities became difficult and, when faced with a difficult choice, Anita and her husband fell behind on their mortgage payments.

It wasn’t long before the mortgage company started calling and threatened to put their home in foreclosure. Not knowing what to do, Anita turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA worked with Anita and her husband to assess their financial situation and options to save their home. Luckily, Anita had saved some money that could help pay off the mortgage, but the mortgage company was making it difficult to adjust their loan and seemed set on foreclosing.

But TRLA attorneys remained persistent and knew that Anita and her family could save their home. After working with the mortgage company, Anita’s fears subsided. The company agreed to help the family adjust their home loan and stopped pursuing foreclosure. TRLA had helped Anita save her home.


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