TRLA Executive Director Named Among Top 25 Lawyers of Last Quarter Century

Executive Director David HallTexas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) Executive Director David Hall was recently named one of the top twenty-five attorneys of the last quarter century by Texas Lawyer.

Profiled in the June 28th edition of Texas Lawyer, Hall was recognized for the important impact he has had, not only on legal developments in Texas, but on the lives of low-income Texans who cannot afford legal help.

Throughout the more than twenty-five years that Hall has served as Executive Director of TRLA, his vision has helped TRLA survive numerous funding crises and emerge as the largest legal aid organization in Texas. TRLA is also the third largest legal aid organization in the nation.

Though the organization only served eight counties when he first joined, TRLA now serves sixty-eight Texas counties and includes an office in Nashville, Tennessee that serves migrant workers in six other states.

And it is with Hall’s vision that TRLA has become one of the most influential legal organizations in the state. TRLA has become legendary for its impactful and game changing lawsuits against the Federal Emergency Management Agency on behalf of disaster victims and is currently most well-known for litigation aimed at holding Texas accountable for a failing food stamp system. In 2008, TRLA’s involvement in having more than 400 children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints returned to their parents from CPS custody earned the organization the recognition of Impact Player of the Year.

Among other achievements, Hall is credited for his emphasis on using technology to help deliver legal aid services to rural areas and connect TRLA’s numerous offices in one large virtual office.

To read Hall’s entire profile, check out the June 28th edition of Texas Lawyer.


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