Pro Bono Superstar – Jim Hunter

Jim HunterJim Hunter

Brownsville, Texas
Graduate of Oklahoma City University School of Law
Volunteer with TRLA’s  Community Justice Program – Cameron and Willacy Counties

How long have you been doing pro bono work?
Since I was licenced in 1992.  However, the creation of the CJP has enabled me to take on more cases.

Why do you do pro bono work?
I’ve been blessed with a law degree and a great career.  I feel an obligation to give back some of what I’ve received.  In the process, I hope to play a small part in improving the perception of lawyers.

What benefits do you get from volunteering with TRLA?
TRLA is not only able to make clients available that I might otherwise not meet; TRLA’s great staff, organization and assistance make taking pro-bono cases easy.

In recognition of Celebrate Pro Bono Week, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid is proud to profile many of the superstar private attorneys who have selflessly donated their time to helping low-income Texans. To become a pro bono superstar and find volunteer opportunities near you, visit


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