Pro Bono Superstar – Patricia Constant

Patricia Constant
Corpus Christi, TX
Volunteer Lawyers Project

Why do you do pro bono work?
The obligation came with the license.

What benefits do you receive from volunteering with TRLA?
I gain perspective. I enjoy the TRLA attorneys and staff.

What message would you give to private attorneys considering doing pro bono work?
You will receive more than you give.  Look at the big picture.  Step outside the four corners of your practice and look around.

Any words for TRLA staff or your fellow pro bono volunteers during Celebrate Pro Bono Week?
Keep up the good work. Thank you for including me.

In recognition of Celebrate Pro Bono Week, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid is proud to profile many of the superstar private attorneys who have selflessly donated their time to helping low-income Texans. To become a pro bono superstar and find volunteer opportunities near you, visit


One thought on “Pro Bono Superstar – Patricia Constant

  1. Congratulations on your being a continuing member of the Volunteer Lawyers Project since its inception in 1982. We appreciate your strong commitment and dedication to TRLA’s client community and sincerely thank you.

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