Pro Bono Superstar – Angela P. Nix

AngelaAngela P. Nix

South Texas College of Law
A Volunteer with TRLA’s Cameron County Community Justice Program

How long have you been doing pro bono work?
21 years

Why do you do pro bono work?
I always learn something I did not know before.  It is a great opportunity to see other lawyers I rarely see because of all our schedules.  I believe it is important to give back to a community that has given me so much.

What benefits do you get from volunteering with TRLA?
I believe the CJP is a very important way in which I can give back to a community which has been very good to me for over twenty years.  Far to many of our residents simply do not have financial resources to obtain resolution of important family law cases and this is their sole recourse.

Does your firm support your volunteer efforts?
The whole office helps with my pro bono work and is supportive.

What message would you give to private attorneys considering doing pro bono work?
It is very rewarding.

Any words for TRLA staff or your fellow pro bono volunteers during Celebrate Pro Bono Week?
Keep up the great work you guys!


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