Pro Bono Superstar – Rebecca Kieschnick

Rebecca Kieschnick
Corpus Christi, TX
Volunteer Lawyers Project

What do you do pro bono work?
I have felt since law school that persons without sufficient means lacked access to legal representation.

What benefits do you receive from volunteering with TRLA?
In my early years, besides gaining experience, volunteering provided courtroom experience that I would no t have received otherwise.

What message would you give to private attorneys considering doing pro bono work?
You will be rewarded in many ways, not the least of which is knowing that you helped someone in need by giving of your time and talent.

Any words for TRLA staff or your fellow pro bono volunteers during Celebrate Pro Bono Week?
Now is not the time to sit back. The need is greater than ever.


One thought on “Pro Bono Superstar – Rebecca Kieschnick

  1. Ms. Kieschnick has been an outstanding member of the Volunteer Lawyers Project since its inception in 1982. Her contributions to our pro bono clients have helped make the promise of equal access to justice a reality. TRLA and our client community are extremely thankful.

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