TRLA Joins ABA in Celebrate Pro Bono Week

The El Paso Bar Association worked with TRLA to get the local city council to sign a proclamation recognizing Pro Bono Week.

For the second year in a row, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) was proud to join the American Bar Association (ABA) in recognizing Celebrate Pro Bono Week, a week intended to recognize pro bono attorneys and encourage the private bar to contribute more to pro bono efforts.

Throughout the week, TRLA held several volunteer clinics to connect low-income Texans with pro bono attorneys to help them with their legal needs. In Corpus Christi and El Paso the local city councils officially declared the week Pro Bono Week and in San Antonio Fourth Court of Appeals Justices Phylis Speedlin and Sandee Bryan Marion honored four local private attorneys with Partners in Justice Pro Bono Awards for their contributions to pro bono services for special education students.

“Last year TRLA turned away more than 23,000 people simply because we didn’t have the resources to help everyone,” said TRLA attorney and private attorney involvement coordinator Pablo Almaguer. “Involvement from the private bar is necessary to ensure that low-income Texans have the access to justice they deserve.”

Four San Antonio attorneys were recognized with Partners in Justice Pro Bono Awards for helping develop a free legal clinic for the parents of children with special education needs.

TRLA also released two online videos highlighting the power of pro bono efforts and recognized two private attorney
volunteers everyday that week using various social media sites. The efforts marked the first time TRLA has combined ground efforts with technological tools to recognize volunteers.

Added Almaguer, “The benefit that these attorneys receive from their pro bono work is great. Without them, many low-income Texans would have no choice but to face the system alone.”


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