2011 LCC: Meet Julie Braker

This post is part of the 2011 Law Clerk Chronicles — a TRLA web series following our summer law clerks as they experience the wonders of life in a legal aid office.

Summer law clerk Julie Braker

I recently finished my 1L year and am excited to be working as a law clerk at Southern Migrant Legal Services in Nashville.  I am originally from Wisconsin and, thus far, have enjoyed spending the summer here in Music City!  I am passionate about agriculture, food justice, workers’ rights and immigration, so working at a farmworkers’ rights organization was a natural fit for a summer internship.

I have been interested in workers’ rights and immigration for years—I think that it is a basic human right and in everyone’s interest to ensure that employees work in healthy environments and that they earn enough money to take care of themselves and their families.  This issue is especially relevant to immigrants, who, because of economic and social conditions, are often led to take low-paying jobs in dangerous conditions.  I became passionate about agriculture issues and food justice after working on a small organic farm.  The agricultural industrial complex has taken a toll on workers, consumers and the environment, and there is an increasing awareness of the need for reform.  Such reform must also consider the importance of making healthy food affordable and accessible to all.

The staff here at SMLS has been welcoming and I am impressed with their energy, talent and commitment.  I am looking forward to the work I’ll be doing this summer, especially our upcoming outreach trips.

We’ll be following Julie throughout the summer here at the TRLA Times. Check back in later to see how she’s doing as she spends her summer in our Nashville office!


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