2011 LCC: Meet Michael Kiehne

This post is part of the 2011 Law Clerk Chronicles — a TRLA web series following our summer law clerks as they experience the wonders of life in a legal aid office.

2011 Summer Law Clerk Michael Kiehne

I finished my first year of law school in Detroit, MI in May of this year and was happy to return home to the El Paso area to begin working at TRLA’s El Paso Office.  Some people find it surprising how much I genuinely like living in Detroit, but I do have to admit it’s great to be home, mostly because of the awesome food!

I have always been passionate about human and civil rights and I think that coming from the border area has definitely helped mold my interests to focus on border rights.  While there is plenty of civil rights work to be done across the nation, I feel that the border area presents some unique issues in regards to immigration, labor, environmental, and property law.  I have no doubt that I will be exposed to a variety of legal issues within each of aforementioned categories during my time with TRLA.  I have already had my hand in cases dealing with property, labor and environmental issues.

Thus far my experience with TRLA has been amazing!  The staff is incredible—everyone is so knowledgeable and passionate, and so welcoming and willing to help or answer questions.  I know that my time with TRLA will be extremely rewarding and I also know that my experiences at TRLA will help me stand out during future interviews.

We’ll be following Michael throughout the summer here at the TRLA Times. Check back in later to see how he’s doing as he spends his summer in our El Paso office!


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