Celebrate Pro Bono

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) is proud to join the American Bar Association in recognizing the third annual National Pro Bono Celebration from October 23rd to 29th.  In doing so, we acknowledge the more than 2500 private attorneys who join us in securing access to justice for the poor every year.

There is only one legal aid attorney for every 12,000 low-income Texans. Every day we meet families on the verge of losing their homes, victims of domestic violence trying to escape their abusers, and people struggling to put food on the table. And every year TRLA turns away more than 20,000 of these families because we did not have the resources to help everyone. Budget cuts on the state and federal levels, combined with a struggling economy, are only increasing the number of people who need our help and the number we have to turn away.

That’s why pro bono attorneys are so critical to ensuring the doors of justice are kept open to all Texans. It would be impossible to meet the legal needs of low-income Texans without their help.

To the numerous private attorneys who have donated their time to assisting our clients, thank you. Without you, many low-income Texans would be denied the help they need to find justice.  To those of you looking for an opportunity to join the cause, please consider joining Texas RioGrande Legal Aid in our fight for access to justice.

In recognition of this week and our amazing volunteers, TRLA will be holding several events throughout Teas over the next few days. We invite you to join us in our celebration and as we continue to fight on behalf of the poor.

David Hall
Executive Director, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

This post is part of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid’s recognition of Celebrate Pro Bono Week 2011.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Pro Bono

  1. I am disappointed and so hurt at this time by the lack of acceptance of what is being PAID OUT by those who apply for legal aid. I did not qualify for help from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, and I am scared because I will have to face court, Judge, lawyer and my ex-husband on my own because I don’t meet their qualifications.
    Because I DO receive child support and unemployment, I don’t qualify HOWEVER ALL of the money goes towards my mortgage, groceries, bills, clothing, gas, etc. I have NO MONEY leftover to pay for a lawyer! I do not blame Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, but I DO blame the system that is set up in such a way that it looks ONLY at a person’s income, NOT at their ENTIRE financial situation! I am struggling just to keep my home and pay for groceries and gas, yet I am expected to pay for a lawyer because my EX-husband has moved out of state with his job, and it is no longer convenient for him to have the child visitation schedule we have had for 2 years (since our divorce).
    How sad a state of affairs when our children as well as their mothers (including myself) must suffer because of an outdated system of intake. May God find a way to soften the hearts of those who would hurt our babies and FIX this!
    God bless.

    • Hurt and Disappointed — we’re sorry we were unable to help you with your legal problems. We do our absolute best to help as many people as possible, but the demand for free legal services is far greater than we can meet. As a result, every year we turn away many people in need. We will continue to fight so that all low-income Texans have the access to justice they deserve.

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