Why Are You a Pro Bono Volunteer?

Lecia Chaney

I have been volunteering at the CJP since it started and before that for its precursor,  the pro bono divorce clinic that was run by Yolanda Palmer so pretty much since I started practicing in 1993.    I volunteer at the CJP because it is an easy way for me to give back to the community.  TRLA is so incredibly organized, it’s a pleasure to serve.

Jesus Quezada

I have been providing Pro Bono services since 1995 when I graduated from Law School, and also participated in a family law clinic while at my law school in Houston, in which we assisted clients with divorce, custody and adoption matters.  I believe that from those to whom much has been given, much is expected.   Also, trying to live in accordance with my faith and its values means that I strive to share my resources, time and talents.

Maribel Roldan

I volunteer for the Community Justice Program because there is such an incredible need on the part of so many for legal assistance with the basic functions of everyday life.  Many of the Clinic’s participants simply would never obtain a divorce.  They would live their lives without the benefit of the basic framework our society provides, simply because they had no access to a lawyer, and thus no access to the law.

This post is part of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid’s recognition of Celebrate Pro Bono Week 2011.


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