Why Are You a Pro Bono Volunteer?

Paul Wilson

It is always refreshing for my soul to represent clients who need legal services they cannot afford to pay.  It reminds me I am blessed with financial stability no matter how much my bills try to convince me otherwise.  It reminds me anew the law is made to help and protect people and not to provide lawyers a good living.  Such clients come from diverse walks of life and a wide age span.  They tend to be more scared than other clients with better resources and depend more on their attorney to give them good advice and to lead them through the legal process.  They tend to invest more in a successful outcome and are very grateful for services provided, especially in divorce cases where they are wanting to rid themselves of a unsupportive spouse.  For my firm, the work is easy and not a burden upon the firm’s resources.  And it is a nice change to see a “regular person” in the office or at the courthouse now and then.

This post is part of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid’s recognition of Celebrate Pro Bono Week 2011.


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