Success Story: Fighting for an Education

Sarah’s daughter, Tricia, was in the 1st grade and in speech therapy special education classes to help her with her disability. But Tricia’s school notified Sarah that they were thinking of taking Tricia out of her special education classes unless Sarah could prove that Tricia had a medical need for speech therapy.

Sarah asked the school to do a full assessment of Tricia, but the school refused. Tricia was failing all of her classes and her own teacher reported how she needed more time than the other students to complete her work. Yet the school continued to say that Tricia did not need to be in special classes and that, if Sarah wanted to prove a medical need for Tricia’s enrollment, then Tricia needed to be evaluated by someone on a preapproved list of doctors.

Sarah was convinced that the school was trying to deny her daughter the education she deserved. So she turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help.

TRLA worked with Sarah to get the school to agree to do a full and unbiased evaluation of Tricia’s special education needs. Based on the results of that evaluation, Tricia was enrolled in the appropriate special education and therapy programs, where she continues to receive her education.


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