Success Story: A Hefty Bill

LeAnn was having a problem with her water company. Bill after bill, LeAnn was getting notices that she owed the company an excessive amount because her apartment’s previous tenant never paid his bills. LeAnn always paid for her own water usage, but refused to pay for charges she never incurred. But the water company continued to insist that she owed them money.

After speaking to the company’s owner, LeAnn was told that the disputed charges would be removed from her account. But when she went to the water company to pay her bill, the local manager refused to make the changes. So LeAnn continued to pay only her portion of the water bill.

Then, one month later, due to tough times, LeAnn knew that she was going to have to be a few days late paying her water bill. Since her bill was due on the 15th and disconnections were done on the 25th, LeAnn thought she would be okay and just incur a late fee on her payment. But that didn’t happen.

Two days after her bill was due, LeAnn’s water was shut off. When she called the water company to find out what happened, she was told that they didn’t want her as a customer and her water would not be restored.

LeAnn wasn’t sure what to do. There was only one water company in the area so, if they refused to take her as a customer, she would be forced to move. Due to limited financial resources, that wasn’t a possibility. So LeAnn turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help.

TRLA contacted the water company on LeAnn’s behalf and had her service immediately restored. The company also removed all charges related to the previous tenant from her bill.


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