Private Attorneys Recognized for Cy Pres Award

TRLA Executive Director David Hall (left) with private attorneys Rich Tomlinson (center) and Cary Flitter (right).

Earlier today, private attorneys Cary Flitter and Rich Tomlinson were honored for their commitment to access to justice and their donation of a  cy pres award of more than $148,000 to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. The two received Justice for the People awards from TRLA Executive Director David Hall.

Flitter is an attorney with Flitter Lorenz, PC and Tomlinson works at the law office of Richard Tomlinson and with Lone Star Legal Aid.

Cy pres awards consist of funds from class action lawsuits that are not distributed to beneficiaries.  Courts are allowed to distribute these funds to charitable causes, such as TRLA. The cy pres award donated by Tomlinson and Flitter comes from a lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 900 Texans  in Glynn Hartt v. Flagship Credit Corporation.

Attorneys interested in making TRLA the recipient of future cy pres awards can contact Development Director Geoff Rips.


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