Helping Wood Ridge

On Wednesday, May 16th, a concerned resident of Wood Ridge Apartments in south Austin called 911 to report a second floor walkway that looked like it was ready to collapse. Over the next few days, the danger posed by unsafe living conditions forced dozens of families from their homes with nowhere to go. The apartment’s managers and owners weren’t providing much relief. People lived in their cars and children stopped going to school. These families needed help.

It didn’t take long before a group of community organizations, including Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA), came together to help the residents. The City of Austin ensured that none of the displaced families were homeless and other organizations provided additional assistance. Currently, TRLA is providing free legal assistance to displaced residents of Wood Ridge apartments.

More than one month after the balcony collapse, the displaced residents of Wood Ridge apartments are continuing to face troubles related to the apartment’s conditions. To catch up with recent events and follow the entire Wood Ridge story, check out our storify page by clicking on the image below:


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