Success Story: Stopping a Retaliatory Landlord

Liz was unemployed and had been living at the local Housing Authority for several months. She had complained to the property manager about some black mold in her apartment that was causing her some health problems, but the manager’s idea of a proper repair was to paint over it. When an inspector came by to look over the property, Liz pointed out the mold.

The property manager was livid and insisted that Liz had caused the mold to grow in the apartment herself. The manager also told Liz that she was being evicted and her latest rent check would not be accepted. Liz received an eviction notice a few days later.
Not knowing what to do, Liz turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help.

TRLA helped Liz fight the eviction and keep her in her home. Since the black mold continued to give her health problems, TRLA also helped Liz assert her rights to get the situation repaired so that she could have a healthy living environment.


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