Do You Bank on Justice?

Former TRLA attorney Jake Wedemeyer banks on justice

November is Prime Partner Bank Recognition Month – a month where the Texas Access to Justice Foundation is recognizing banks and financial institutions that help access to justice efforts through the  Texas IOLTA program.

Prime Partner banks are banks that have agreed to pay higher interest rates on IOLTA accounts, translating into more money to fund the work of organizations including Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. More than 70 banks and credit unions in Texas participate in the program.

Prime Partner Banks in TRLA’s service area include:

Bank of San Angelo
Commerce National Bank
Falcon International Bank
First Community Bank
First Savings Bank (El Paso)
Hondo National Bank
Horizon Bank
Independent Bank
Lone Star National Bank
New First National Bank
Plains Capital Bank
R Bank, Texas
Sage Capital Bank
Southwestern National Bank
Texas State Bank
Trust Texas Bank
Union State Bank
United San Antonio Federal Credit Union

If you are a Texas attorney and interested in supporting legal aid organizations, you can do so easily by banking at a Prime Partner bank or persuading a non-Prime Partner bank to join the program.

Pro bono attorney Jose L. Arce banks on justice. You should too!


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