Success Story: Getting Her Home Back

Photo courtesy of BasicGov

Like a lot of folks, Sherrie had fallen on hard times and was behind on her mortgage payments. When she finally got back on her feet, she did everything she could to make up for the missed payments, but her bank was claiming that she was in default by an outrageous amount.  The bank told her that her home would be going into foreclosure.

Sherrie tried to negotiate a plan that would keep her in her home. Eventually, the bank told her that they would work with her and not foreclose on the house. But weeks later, Sherrie got notice that her home had been sold and there was nothing she could do. She had to leave.

Not knowing what to do and having nowhere to go, Sherrie turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help.

TRLA worked with Sherrie to fight for her home. TRLA sued the bank and the lending company for lying to her to stop her from fighting the foreclosure.

Sure enough, a judge agreed and declared the foreclosure sale null and void – Sherrie still owns her home and is on a modified payment plan until 2034.


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