Looking for ways to help? Get Creative!

Texas legal aid organizations are drastically underfunded, a problem that means that many people in bad legal situations are constantly being turned away and left to fend for themselves. Community support is critical to helping as many people as possible and there are many ways that our supporters join in our efforts, such as making a donation or becoming a pro bono volunteer.

But some of our supporters get extra creative in declaring their support for access to justice. Take Sara Foskitt of the Foskitt Realty Group.  Sara, an attorney and realtor in Austin, has pledged 25% of her 2013 commissions to support access to justice programs, including Texas RioGrande Legal Aid!

Sara explained the initiative on the Foskitt Realty Group’s Facebook Page, “Over the past few years, these services have been hindered due to continually decreased funding. As an attorney, I have always felt an obligation to help by donating legal services. I’m glad I now have the opportunity also to help access to justice programs as a Realtor.”

In tough economic times, we need all the help we can get. So get creative. Can you join Sara in pledging your support to access to justice?


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