Howard Appointed to Chair State Bar Committee

TRLA attorney Kelli Howard was recently appointed as Chair of the State Bar of Texas standing committee on Disability Issues.  Howard, a 2001 graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, works with TRLA’s housing team in our Austin office where she focuses on landlord/tenant issues, discrimination, federally subsidized housing, and disability rights. She will begin her appointment in June following the Bar’s Annual Meeting in Dallas.

Congrats Kelli!


2 thoughts on “Howard Appointed to Chair State Bar Committee

  1. I have seen so many cases that TRLA does not take, and not a single one that they have, that it makes me wonder if they take any cases at all.

    • Every year TRLA helps more than 20,000 low-income Texans with their civil legal needs. Unfortunately, due to our limited funding, we are not able to help everyone in need. TRLA is currently funded at a rate that allows us to have one legal aid attorney for approximately every 11,000 eligible Texans. Texas legal aid organizations turn away half of people in need solely due to lack of funding. We’re proud of our record of helping as many people as possible and will continue to use every dollar we have to meet the needs of as many Texans as possible.

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