Recognizing National Missing Children’s Day

A family reunited by TRLA’s Bi-National Project

Since 1983 the United States has proclaimed May 25th National Missing Children’s Day.  In recognition, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid wants to spend this entire week looking at the work we do to reunite families and prevent child abduction.

In 2002 TRLA established the Bi-National Project on Family Violence to tackle issues related to international child abduction. Our advocates often meet clients who need help getting out of violent relationships and protecting their children.  Because our service area covers the entire Texas-Mexico border, the threat of one adult abducting the children and crossing international borders is very real. TRLA’s Bi-National Project aims to educate parents on steps they can take to protect their children and works with international counterparts to locate abducted children and reunite families.

Throughout the week we’ll be looking at some of the great work that our Bi-National Project has accomplished over the last ten years. To keep up with the recognition, be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.


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