Success Story: A Reunited Family

Photo courtesy of mpilote on Flickr

When Dana turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, she was in a terrifying situation. Her marriage to Jose had fallen apart after years of violent episodes and threats. When Dana tried to leave Jose, he threatened to kill her. When she tried to protect their 3 children from the violence, he threatened to take them away and make sure that she would never see them again.

One day, he made good on those threats when he kidnapped the children and took them to Mexico. Jose taunted Dana, calling her and letting her know that if she didn’t send him money, he would hurt the children. If she tried to get a divorce and custody of the children, he would kill her.

But Dana was determined to save her children, so she turned to TRLA’s Bi-National Project on Family Violence for help.

TRLA worked with Dana and international officials to find the children and get a judge to award custody to Dana. After securing the children in Mexico, TRLA attorneys traveled with them back to Texas and reunited them with their mother.


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