Success Story: A Missing Signature

Maria, in front of the home she almost lost

Maria and her husband bought a home in early 2006. But before even a year could go by, the family was struck with tragedy when Maria’s husband passed away.

Maria did her best to keep her family together and meet her financial commitments. She sold her car and cut down on bills but still struggled to make her monthly mortgage payments. So  Maria asked her bank for a modification on her loan – a request she was granted. She signed the necessary paperwork and continued to live in her home while making lower payments.

But the bank came back to Maria and told her that the agreement was not going to be implemented and she was at risk of foreclosure. The reason? Maria’s husband didn’t sign the agreement. She sent in proof of his death and continued to make her payments, but the bank refused to budge and was threatening to take her home.

Not knowing what to do, Maria turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA joined forces with a pro bono attorney to represent Maria in this case and file a lawsuit against the bank.  Less than four months later, the bank agreed to the modification agreement and let Maria keep her home.


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