Success Story: From Tragedy to Triumph

Veronika had been with her husband for eight years before she had the courage to leave him for good. A victim of domestic violence, Veronika had tried six times before to save herself and her children from their abuser. But each time, she ended up returning.

When her sister gave her the number to a local domestic violence shelter that could help, Veronika was hesitant. She didn’t want to become another statistic, but she also knew that staying with her husband could cost her her life.  So Veronika took a leap of faith and contacted Hope Alliance, a Williamson county shelter. There advocates helped Veronika gather the courage to leave her abuser and protect her children.

But they took it one step further. Hope Alliance is one of several Texas domestic violence shelters with a special relationship with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid that allows for victims to receive needed legal assistance from the moment they leave their abuser. TRLA knew that protecting Veronika would mean providing legal protections as well. So TRLA helped Veronika file for divorce, custody of her children, and child support.

Today Veronika volunteers at Hope Alliance helping other women like her. She is also in the process of going to college to get her degree and is organizing a charity walk – Courage to Walk – to help other victims of domestic violence become survivors. In August, Veronika addressed attendees of the 2013 TRLA Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Cross-Training, thanking them for the work they do to save lives.


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