Success Story: The Importance of Keeping Receipts

Photo courtesy of FleeCircus

When Carmelita’s mother passed away, Carmelita was left with more than just heartbreak – she was on the verge of being homeless.  Several years prior, Carmelita had unintentionally sold her house to her parents when she took out a ten year loan. She made all of the payments to her mother, but did not keep any receipts. Now that her mother had passed, the executor of the will was claiming that Carmelita had never paid a dime and either needed to hand over the full amount, plus several thousands of dollars in interest, or get evicted and put on the streets.

Carmelita didn’t have the money to pay the loan again and didn’t have anywhere to go if she got kicked out. So she turned to TRLA for help.

TRLA took Carmelita’s case to court and managed to track down receipts showing that every payment had been made. A judge gave Carmelita the title to her home and a financial settlement for the difficulty. With TRLA’s help, Carmelita avoided homelessness.


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