Success Story: Taken Advantage Of

After battles with alcohol and drugs, Robert, a veteran, had found himself living on the streets. He knew he needed help so he checked himself into the local VA hospital for treatment where he stayed for more than a year.

During that time Robert was unable to take care of his elderly father and asked his cousin to step in. Robert’s father gave the cousin power of attorney to make the decisions necessary for his care.

When Robert had completed treatment, his first goal was to get back to his father who was now living in a nursing home. But at every attempt to visit, Robert’s cousin had Robert removed from the facility. When Robert wanted to move into his father’s now-empty home, the cousin had police remove him for trespassing.

When Robert’s father passed away, Robert discovered that the home’s title had been transferred to his cousin. Thinking this had to be a mistake, Robert turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA set Robert up with a pro bono attorney at our monthly Veterans Clinic.  There, a pro bono attorney began to research the title transfer and found that Robert’s cousin had used her power of attorney to transfer the home to herself.

This discovery sent up red flags. In order for the transfer to be legitimate, the cousin had to prove that it was in Robert’s father’s best interest to have it happen.

TRLA and the pro bono attorney joined with Robert to fight the title transfer and were successful. He received the title to the home and now has a roof over his head.


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