Success Story: Fighting for Her Children

Claudia knew that she had to protect her children. Her husband was an abusive alcoholic and drug addict who refused to get help. Even though he had been arrested multiple times for drunk driving and a court had ordered him to rehab, he wouldn’t go. The abuse was getting worse too. The violent encounters, name calling, and threats to her life were too much. She knew she needed help so she filed for a protective order on her own. But her husband hired an attorney and served her with divorce papers before a hearing could be held. Not knowing what to do and afraid that she would lose her children to her abuser, Claudia turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA worked with Claudia to put together a solid case that showed her husband’s history with drugs and alcohol. Attorneys worked with local police departments and case workers to find evidence that Claudia’s husband was unfit to take custody of the children. Based on the information that TRLA attorneys were able to uncover, including postings from the husband’s personal Facebook page, he stopped fighting for custody of the children. TRLA then helped Claudia finalize the divorce agreement, including supervised visitation and child support. Today Claudia is divorced from her abuser, rebuilding her life, and taking care of her children.


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