Success Story: When the Landlord Was Foreclosed On

Anna was in the middle of a one year lease for a nice home in San Antonio. She made all of her rent payments on time and didn’t have any worries about paying her bills. But, one day, Anna received a notice from a bank ordering her to vacate her home in the next three days. Her landlord had lost the home in a foreclosure sale and the bank was eager to take over the property.

Not knowing what to do and having nowhere to go, Anna turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help.

TRLA worked with Anna to contact the bank and let them know that she had a lease to stay in the home, was up-to-date on her rent, and would need more time if she was to find a new place to live. The bank had no idea that there was a renter in the home and worked with TRLA to let Anna stay in the home for the remainder of her lease. Not only that, but the bank recognized that she was a good tenant and ended up allowing her to renew her lease at the end of the term. Today Anna continues to live in the home worry-free.


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