Legal Aid Advocates Come Together to Plan for the Future

Attorney Kevin Dietz leads a group meeting of family law advocates.

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid advocates came together for 3 days in Concan, TX to assess the current state of our services and learn new ways to fight for access to justice.

The retreat, a triennial tradition, featured opportunities for staff to discuss best practices, review changes to laws that affect our clients, and learn from each other’s expertise. Practice areas held group meetings to review issues being faced by the client population while general sessions were held on topics including attorneys fees, funding restrictions, and helping clients in crisis.

Due to TRLA’s expansive service area, the retreat is the primary opportunity for advocates to meet in person and receive organization-wide updates on important issues.

In addition to providing an opportunity for advocates to work together in person, the retreat also featured team building opportunities and competitive events, including a 5K run. This year’s run was won by Chris Benoit of TRLA’s El Paso office.

Advocates from the public benefits group take a minute to share some laughs before beginning their meeting.


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