Success Story: Fighting for Assistance

Joann, right, with TRLA attorney Bernadette Segura

Due to some health issues, Joann was receiving support services from the state that allowed her to have attendant care both in her home and her community. With the help of a caretaker, she was able to keep her home clean and get assistance around her local university to acquire her college degree.

But one day Joann received notice that she was being terminated from the program because she didn’t return her recertification paperwork on time. She appealed the decision and a hearing was scheduled. But she never received notice of the hearing and lost her benefits. A caseworker tried to help Joann fight the decision but wasn’t having any luck. It was then that Joanna turned to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) for help.

TRLA advocates again appealed the decision and got Joann a new hearing for her benefits. Advocates successfully represented Joann in that hearing and her benefits were reinstated.

Because of the medical support she receives, Joann will now have the resources and ability to get a job and become more involved in her community. She intends on using her new freedom to volunteer with TRLA in the future.


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